As part of my third assessment, the main requirement is to design a mobile application for Sustainability Victoria which is a website that is depicted mostly to the Victorian community in Australia. The main target of my client Sustainability Victoria is to actually provide wise knowledge onto how each individual in Victoria can help in building an environment which is more ecologically integrated.

My Task

As per my assessment brief, I need to design a mobile application for Sustainability Victoria. …

As part of my unit, I was asked to developed Application Design Concepts as well as User Research report to showcase the journey of building an application from scratch. My chosen brief consists of an application for sustainability victoria.

Sustainability Victoria Logo

“Australia’s high rate of urbanisation means that most people experience a significant disconnect between their food production and consumption. Over the decades, suburban gardens have declined and Australians reportedly have a lacking understanding and appreciation of how their food is grown. …

The main aim of creating this application is to help Australians making the best decision by using several recycling features. The target of the brief is to “identified the need for a new “Recycling” feature, that allows users to not only ensure they are recycling the correct items, but provides them with creative ideas on how to recycle certain items to be of use in the household and daily life”, in other words, helps to build a more DIY lifestyle by keeping in mind how to conquer a more sustainable lifestyle.

The goals consists of

  • Analyze the process of recycling

Hingun Maryam Firdaus

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